Friday, 29 March 2019

Rest day in Wales

Yesterday in Wales it was lovely weather - but not for gliding, so alternative pursuits were sought. Jacek decided that he had to get above the clouds every day so he climbed Snowdon.

On top of the world

Richard climbed the local ridge to see the tower he'd been buzzing all week from closer quarters.

Moel Arthur

There was enough air to keep a hang glider up

The rest of the party went to Caernarfon. Jim R posted a pic of the top of Snowdon, the suspicion is that it was taken from the Eurofox.

They visited the Airworld Aviation Museum and the castle.

A proper aircraft in amongst all that powered stuff
Denbigh CFI Chris tried out the Hawker Hunter for size

Nick J and Rolf at the castle

Nik VM got out his drone and took some pics of the airfield.
Approach to 27 - 830m of tarmac

We await news of today's activities.

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Unknown said...

I've flown a single seat tutor and I'm not convinced that adding a second seat makes it proper.

Every time I don't go on one of these jollys I regret it.