Friday, 26 April 2019

More Instructor achievements

The instructors have been working hard all week on training exercises. Paul Field has now completed his Full Cat rating, leaving him free to complete his tug training.

Here's Paul after gaining his Aeros badge earlier in the year
Yesterday Jane Moore completed her 5 year Asst Cat renewal with Andy Monk. Andy took off (literally) at lunch time with Jim R in LH, they flew down to Lasham so that Andy could do a quick spin in a K13 to complete his own FIS(S), then it was back to Booker for more coaching.

Andy during the 2017 Booker Regionals

Jane enjoying some Cabriolet fun a few years ago
After flying, Jim White gave a talk on learning styles, showing the importance of recognising that the student's way of learning may be different from the instructor's. 

Jim putting us all into boxes
Then it was off to the Elaichi for a group dinner, which pretty much filled the restaurant.

There's more BI and Asst Cat training in progress today, with a bit of shower dodging

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