Saturday 14 September 2019

Historic day at Booker

Well some historic aircraft at least.  Today more than 15 club members took advantage of the opportunity for a flight in a historic aeroplane.  The Shuttleworth Tiger Moth and Miles Magister came to Booker for the day.  Shuttleworth and Booker Gliding Pilots Andy Monk (Tiger Moth) and  Richard Crockett (Magister) were joined by RAF Test Pilot Willy Hackett (Magister), and they gave each of their guests a great demonstration of formation flying and of the handling characteristics of these fine old aircraft.
Many of us got some great photographs and here are some examples from John Otty, Jeremy Gilbey and Bob Smith, maybe you will want a go next year!

If you like the sight of these older aircraft then don't forget that next weekend we have the WHISPERING WARDROBES VINTAGE GLIDER event. Come along and have a go in the club T21, you never know what other vintage glider you may end up in a thermal with.

Ah, so that's why you wear a crash helmet.

Keep an eye on the RPM Biggles.

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