Sunday, 6 November 2011

November Barbecue and Gardening

Before anyone thinks we have lost the plot, Booker is still first and foremost a Gliding Club, however every now and again there is the need to do some necessary husbandry around the launch point and airfield boundaries.
There was an incredible turnout of members complete with a wide variety of loppers, chain saws and parangs who under Will Ellis' direction set about clearing part of the boundary on the south west corner of the airfield and a massive cleanup around the launch point and trailer park. It was very refreshing to see so many willing workers who stuck with it all day.
An impromptu barbecue was provided by Marnie and Dave Humprey to feed the masses for lunch which was extremely well received. Be warned there are more 'work parties' planned as there is still lots more to do but the effort is well worth it for the benefits you will get - please be willing to do your bit - notices will be put up and sent out for further dates.
A BIG thank you to all those who turned up and helped out, it is really appreciated.
With regard to flying, there is still plenty of activity weather permitting - the Aerobatics weekends are running as well as more general training, soaring and other activities planned.

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