Monday, 14 November 2011

To infinity and beyond!

Well, it was a bloody long way to Aerospool in Slovakia and back. I took a leisurely 3 days to go down through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, and Austria -1122 miles from Booker. Despite that I managed to get nicked by German Hitler Yoof Politzei for overtaking a lorry where I should not have and then got stopped again in Slovakia for being foreign.

Aerospool are an interesting company, very friendly and very busy. In addition to refinishing gliders they are completing gliders for Schempp Hirth for which they have the agency, building parts such as tailplanes for SH, and build nearly 500 Dynamics / year (The Dynamic is a very nicely designed and built Rotax powered ultralight which can aerotow two seaters and cruise at 250KPH).

They have a nice airfield with a flying club just W of the Tatra mountains and say that the soaring in March and April is very good. We have an invite for an expedition!

The highlight of the tour was however the German motorised toilet. So good in fact that I had to bring you home a video!

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