Wednesday, 18 April 2012

100 days to go!

Apparently there are only 100 days until the Olympics start which also means we only have the same time until our expedition to Thame this summer.
The tasks and activities to enable us to operate there are underway and this week saw some of the ground works necessary at Thame being completed. The work was to clear ground to provide easier access to and from the hangars and more importantly to provide extra space for trailers and gliders that we will have there.

The team was very ably led by John Herman (in his warm and dry digger) and Pete Wyld (on his cold and wet dumper!). Between them they moved around 200 tons of soil. They were assisted by Simon McCracken, Rob Turner and Adrian Hegner on shovels for some of the more delicate but necessary ground works. To improve access to and from the hangar a soakaway was dug and about 10 tons of 'type 1 chippings' spread around the entrance area to the hanger to improve things when its wet. The rain throughout the day gave us the chance to confirm that they had significantly improved the situation.
There is still a lot to do and your help will be greatly appreciated - please watch the notice boards/newsletters for 'calls for help'.


Dave C said...

Well done. Does this mean BGC are digging in?

jimboffin said...

Our thanks to Herman, Bodgit, and Runn for their hard work. Can you fix my bog?