Tuesday 19 August 2014

Comp update

It's been a tough couple of days for our pilots flying in comps around the country, but they are hanging on in there.

Sunday was a bit of a challenge, Dunstable scrubbed the Blue class but all the others flew and there were gliders in fields all across the south of England.

Yesterday was also hard for task setters and pilots alike. At Lasham the Juniors set off first and were soon practising field landings again. The 15ms launched, relit, sat around and then scrubbed. At Gransden the weather was better and they were again set a long task - 312k - they breed 'em tough in East Anglia - from which one person got back. At Dunstable both classes were scrubbed.

After all this hard work we have William in 4th place overall in the Blues at Dunstable, MiniGat in 5th in the Junior Nationals and Jim in 6th in the 15m Nationals. The weather looks a bit better today so they should all get away - and back.

And here's a pic of MiniGat actually in the air and not a field, taken by Andy Cockerell.

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