Friday, 22 August 2014

See how our pilots are doing in the comps this week

It's been quite a tough week for comp pilots, with some very mixed weather.

Mike Gatfield is doing well at the Junior Nationals, where they have so far had 5 contest days, including one where they all landed out. Mike came 3rd on Day 1 and currently stands at 4th overall.

Elsewhere, 9 seems to be the number.

Jim White is currently 9th overall in the 15m Nationals (4 contest days so far), with a 6th place on Day 1. You can read more about his experiences at J1M at the 15m.

At the Dunstable Regionals, William Parker is currently 9th overall in the Blue class. He came 4th on Day 1, and then had a rest on Day 3, having got back late from a retrieve the previous day and then spent what remained of the night freezing in his tent. He came 2nd on Day 4, a cold windy day where no-one got back.

Jan McCoshim is also 9th overall in the Dunstable Red class (5 contest days), with a 5th place on Day 1 and 7th on Day 5.

Meanwhile at Gransden Regionals, Nick Jennings is experiencing his first comp. They have had 6 contest days and some very long tasks, and Nick - along with lots of others - has been landing out all over East Anglia. On Day 1 only one person got back. Nick did very well on Day 4 to come 13th with a speed of 85.5kph on a task of 347k.

Detailed results here:
Juniors and 15m

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