Sunday, 28 June 2015

Booker Regionals 2015 - Day 1

The comp got off to a flying start with all the organisation running like clockwork, thanks to the organising group led by William Parker.

The briefing facilities kindly provided by the Army's Royal Logistics Corps are extremely comfortable - and clean - and our Met Man Nils promised a good day's flying, so a task out to Badminton was set. For the higher performance gliders this meant a distance of 286, with lower handicaps allowing other gliders to turn short (for a fuller explanation of Handicapped Distance Tasks see the Comp page on the Booker website).


Met Man looking a trifle anxious
We were treated to a visit by a Spitfire while waiting to launch.

Passing by

The HDT format allows for gliders with a spread of handicaps to take part on a equal footing, with less chance of the lower performance ones spending a week being retrieved and getting back too late for the bar.


Javelot and ASW27 about to launch

The winner on Day 1 was a visitor from Bicester - Stuart Law in an LS4 - well done Stuart.


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