Saturday, 6 June 2015

Klippeneck finale and auf wiedersehen

The last couple of days of the expedition came up trumps. Thursday produced excellent conditions enabling trips to Ulm and other places.
Weighty matters under discussion

Klippeneck ridge viewed towards the south west...

.......... and towards the north east
The sky seemed to be full of insects, the wings were covered by the top of the launch.

Conditions were good until late into the evening......

.....which makes it all the more surprising that Jack L and Jim P made like a javelin for a field by the local equivalent of Chinnor. They were visited by the local constabulary but presumably had the correct paperwork as they did eventually make it back to base.

Smile for the camera
On Friday the forecast was for thunderstorms by early afternoon but in the event the storms held off till the evening, allowing for yet another day of excellent flying.

Evening cunim
The warmth of the evening allowed for al fresco dining at the Schutzenhaus restaurant halfway down the hill which has been feeding us for the last two weeks.

This morning it was time for convoys of trailers to start heading back to Booker.

Many thanks to Richard for all his hard work in organising a fantastic expedition and to him and Doug for making it such a success and ensuring that everyone had a good and safe time. Roll on next year!

Thanks, Richard!!

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