Monday, 12 October 2015

Wave Flying

Some entertaining North Westerly wave today.  Dave and Graham (315) started off in the wave around 08:30 (i'm not really sure of the exact time as I was still in the cottage putting on my washing). Denis and Geoff got well above 10,000 Ft, but most of us tootled between Cambus O'May and Ballater to heights of around 6,000 Ft.  Very moist air meant occasional showers to dodge and gaps that kept closing, but that added to the fun.  Many more wave flights for the new arrivals with the last 315 landing at sunset.
Many Booker pilots in Scotland now, so probably time for a roll call; most of us flew today. Terry C, Glyn R, Bob D, Bob S, Roland W, Nick H, Nick J, Jane M, Jane & John W, Dave B, Richard C, Boris B, Ed D, Phil B, John H, Denis C, Geoff T.
A group curry this evening at the Lochnagar Restaurant to round off the day.

Typical view of the cloudy gap over Kinord and Davan Lakes today.
This is where the wave was today. Pic from 315 taken directly above Cambus O'May towards airfield.

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