Friday, 9 October 2015


The clear sky last night guaranteed frost this morning and a bit of car scraping, but the early morning mist in the valleys and the frost on the heather was lovely.

Early morning airfield
We had to wait a bit for the mist to clear, and we could have done with a tad more wind, but there was undoubtedly wave, though the windshear made it a bit more interesting than usual, and with every glider launched it required close attention to look out.

Lochs Kinord and Davan


Various dinner options were discussed - one contingent went to the Boat, one on a fish, chips and mushy peas expedition and the third heading for the Co-op's ready made curry section.

We have also received in the post an oximeter from Nick Newton who knows about these things, so tomorrow we will be practising not breathing, to see if we can replicate high altitude flying.

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