Saturday, 11 June 2016

A busy couple of days

Yesterday we hosted a visit from the Samuel Rhodes School in Islington, a school for children with special needs. 10 of their year 11 pupils (age 16) came along to see what gliding is like. All of them had a go and did extremely well - one student even did the landing (with prompts of course). They all went away with big smiles on their faces.

Today the weather just couldn't make up its mind, there were threatening showers to the south which never quite reached us, but there were spits of rain the entire day. We did our best with what was on offer. John H and cadet Filip set the record with a flight of nearly an hour. Nik Von Merveldt started the day very gloomy over his lack of progress but after a check flight and a couple of K21 solos he converted to the Pegasus and was delighted with its handling. Just shows what a bit of concentrated practice will achieve.

The grin says it all

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