Sunday, 26 June 2016

The Levellers

If you venture round the peri track now you no longer need to fear for your car's suspension or the state of your boots. Yesterday a gang of members set about filling in the enormous potholes with a variety of machinery - a digger, a dumper truck and a steamroller - as well as shovels and rakes.

A typical pond

Boys' toys

The CFI executing a tricky bit of reversing

Loading up

Of course there always have to be people leaning on shovels

Taking a breather

And meanwhile John and Robert were making hay in the trailer park. John reckoned he'd walked 8 miles by the time he'd finished going up and down, up and down.......

One man went to mow

Strimmer in chief

Well done to all those who lent a hand: William, Richard, John H, Adrian, Callum, Jim W, Nick, John O, Henry, George -  and the mowing team Rob and John Hubb.

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