Wednesday 6 July 2016

Booker Regionals Day 5

The weather gods are on our side, we had another day of sunshine, and this time a real racing day. The task was 145km to make the most of the day before the warm front arrived, and competitors were back almost before the kettle had boiled for tea. Star of the day was KCZ, a K21 flown by Alex O'Keefe, with David Hamilton as crew, which came in first, closely followed by Task Setter Tim Scott in his ASW27. However, both were flying HC so the real winners were:

Nils EN - LS4
George A9 - Ventus 2b
Jim J1M - ASW27

Jim is still in the lead overall but George and Denis are hot on his heels.

KCZ - day winner

Just look at that sky
Finishing - we hope!

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