Friday, 11 April 2008

Get Your Solo Week Day 5

A day of sunshine, showers, donner and blitzen, greeted our intrepid aviators on their solo course today. The weather unfortunately proved too extreme for them today, so only Leon who soloed on Wednesday was lucky enough to earn his wings. Well done Leon and commiserations to the others - George the Ancient, George the Modern, John W, and Don S. Keep up the good work - not far to go now! And thanks to Martin for all his hard work yet again!
There were some really spectacular showers as the trough passed through around midday, accompanied by large hailstones, numerous air to ground and air to air lightning discharges, plus strong gusts and considerable changes in wind direction. Better to be on the ground looking up than vice-versa as Martin will no doubt agree after his considerable soaking.
Meanwhile Phil C began work towards his BI rating - not the day for a trial lesson though - but a good challenge for Phil!
WOW! What a day!

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