Saturday, 12 April 2008

Not the Easter Egg Cup

Booker's aptly named annual aerobatic competition (normally run at Easter) drew its usual wide field of contestants today and provided great entertainment throughout the day. Thanks to Graham for organising, Robin for scoring and Alun and Gary as safety pilots. I'll not say anymore about the competition as I'm sure Gary will post something later when the results are in. However here's a few piccies to be going on with.

Can you change a fifty quid note?

Judge, scorer/ treasurer and hecklers.
We were blessed again with fantastic weather and not a drop of rain, hail or snow fell on the airfield today. Excellent lift was to be had under the cloudstreets which seemed to go on forever.

Neil takes a nap before launching after a hard day's instructing.

Whilst the usual suspects look on.

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