Monday 15 October 2012

Showers, departures and arrivals

We have had a couple of days of heavy showers interspersed with dryer spells which have resulted in most of us going for walks through some of the glorious countryside around Aboyne to burn off a few of the 7,000 calories that seem to make up Breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

We also saw the (repeat) departure of Geoff in his RV to Booker. His progress was reported back by DI Craig who was sightseeing at Sterling castle "at 14:42 a suspicious looking character was observed in an RV6  proceeding at high speed in a southerly direction at a height estimated to be around 1,000ft..."

 And the arrival of Jim W.

Not to be outdone, the models came out and at one time there were 4 in the circuit. Alas one made a 'landing' that made Felix Baumgartner's descent look positively pedestrian (E does indeed equal MC squared!).

Today holds out more hope (plus scones and tea).

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