Friday 12 October 2012

Wet Friday and last night's guests

A very good turn out at the Black Faced Sheep by all accounts.

The Black Faced Sheep


Craig made a new friend on his trip to Grantown

Dinner at Birkelunn peaked at around 7 courses. Our guest of honour, MiniGat seemed a bit overwhelmed by it all.

Tuna pasta bake with salad courtesy of Craig.
Our resident pastry chef Rolf produced Tarte Tatin followed by Cheese straws served with Champagne. Cheese plate and then the Whisky selection with After Eights.

Guest night at Birkelunn

A record 17 visitors sat down for dinner at Birkelunn:
Fish pie with a lasagne alternate cooked by Tessa, followed by Bakewell tart and ice cream courtesy of the co-op, HobNobs with a rice pudding topping created by Doug. Then cheese, biscuits, port and whisky.

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