Monday, 25 May 2015

Final results from Saltby

All to play for
David drew the short straw on Friday morning and was the first to fly. Following an interesting tow through a cloud, he managed to perform all 11 figures in the correct order (which he himself declared as an achievement...!) for a reasonably good score.

The cloud then rolled in, and no more flights were flown that day.

Ready to roll
Saturday was a much better day and flying started early. Graham made a good job of his Advanced class Unknown sequence. The rest of the Sports class flew their Known 1 sequences, and the two beginners flew their single sequence. Flying continued into the evening with the Sports class flying a truncated Known 2 sequence from around 3000ft. David fell out of the top of his chandelle and suffered what can politely be described as brain fade for the rest of his sequence....

Final results, Graham 3rd in class, David 5th in class. Charles Baker from Lasham was 3rd in the Intermediate class.

Graham with yet another medal

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