Saturday, 30 May 2015

Thursday and Friday at Klippeneck

The forecast for Thursday seemed promising and Richard set a number of tasks of varying lengths, the longest being a 300k out and return.

High key for 22
It turned out not quite as hoped and although Richard made it round there were some visits to fields. Nils was efficiently relaunched from another gliding club, Zeljko and Jane made do with fields.

Zeljko's first field landing

The clue is in the cloudless blue sky
Friday began with a bit of fixing, Richard very kindly re-attaching the u/c door on 118.

The shepherd brought his flock over for a look.

The weather became quite unstable with showers of rain and hail, but with good soaring to be had in between. Some people went off to explore local towns and relax with coffee and cake, meanwhile Henry JTY and John and David 315 soared late into a beautiful sunny evening, landing around 1930

About face
The day was completed by an expedition to a nearby bowling alley, where the teams were helped out by the younger members of the trip - Nils and Sabina's Benjamin and Simon and Marnie's Billie and Charlie. Hakan pulle off a commendable 3rd place, Zeljko shone in 2nd, and Bob's sustained effort won him 1st place. Nick Newton was Master of Ceremonies and provided the prizes.



Bob receiving congratulations

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