Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Klippeneck Day 4

The forecast today was enough to get the entire fleet rigged and gridded on runway 22.

Ready to go

Nils set a 100k triangle, Richard set Ulm out and return and then went in completely the opposite direction and visited France via the Black Forest. Those new to the site made exploratory forays in various directions, Rolf and Dave C-B dropped in on other airfields but were soon back on site. The views were stunning - makes a change from the Chilterns.

A German castle

Black Forest, probably

Somewhere else in Germany

Dinner parties followed the pattern for the day and set off in different directions, though rumour has it that they mostly went to a pizzeria in a nearby town. An early night is indicated as the forecast for tomorrow is for big tasks.

The resident lawnmowers

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