Thursday, 26 May 2016

Klippeneck 2016

After the somewhat epic day we had 2 days of heavy rain. Various trips were made to local museums or points of interest in the area. The Zeppelin museum at Friedrichsaven proved popular as did the more local aircraft museum at Schwenningen. Tuesday night was concluded with Karting. The timetable for this meant a period of racing before going for a Indian meal and then back for more racing. Unlike gliding where adding ballast increases speed a chickin jalfresai doesnt help with lap times.
On Wednesday normal service was resumed with clear skies and forcast cloudbase of around 6/7000ft.
There was some wave influence around which most pilots found broke the thermals and made it generally hard work but Graham in the Petrel contacted the wave of and was happy to climb to 10,000ft. The evening concluded with a good meal in the restaurant overlooking the scenic area below Klippeneck. Photos to follow 

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