Monday, 9 May 2016

Thame Sunday Action!

With an early start reminiscent of the old RESMIG days we had all three gliders safely aerotowed to Thame by 9.30. (KCZ MikeR, ECZ Paul C, 319 Symeon E, towed by LH Jim R). 
ECZ on finals
Conditions were initially flat and hot but by lunchtime there was some really strong lift to be had - and even stronger sink - talk to John H about his 10 minute tow to 2000' followed by a 4 minute descent. 
UBT K13 over LH
319 before we turned it round! Note strong crosswind. 
A brief respite at 11.25 for the NOTAM'd BBMF (a lone Dakota) fly past at Thame. 

BBMF Flypast at Thame
The winch was setup on the left, aerotow departures in the middle and all landings on the right. 

Frank N. in KCZ
The cloud street which formed to the North of the airfield stretched back to London, (probably the same source that had provided Saturdays showers),  provided some excellent 6-8kt climbs. 

Conditions improved as the day went on
The usual suspects

Please sir can I come in?
We finally started packing up at 4.30 with all three gliders choosing to aerotow right back to Booker into what was a strengthening easterly. Thanks to Jim R for the morning and Rob T for the afternoon tows. Hangers closed at 6pm at the end of a great but tiring day out!

Thanks to Nick Ludlow for all his efforts, and of course to the UBT for putting up with a Booker invasion again!
Nick and son Travis

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