Saturday, 14 May 2016

More Thame action

A convoy of members has set off for Klippeneck in Germany where they will no doubt have a fantastic time. Meanwhile, the rest of us went to Haddenham for another mini expedition to make way for a helicopter event at Booker. Conditions were brilliant locally, starting very early. It must have been pretty good across a wide area as Nils (EN) Jim (J1M) and George (A9) completed a 500 involving Dorchester, Aston Down, Ludlow and a few other places. This was George's first 500 - congratulations! - he is rattling through all the badges at an alarming rate. John (SG9) also disappeared over the hedge, rumour has it that he did a 300.

The tug was kept busy all day, with trial lessons, training flights, badge attempts and just having fun. A couple of Upward Bound members (our hosts for the day) took the opportunity for an aerotow as a change from winching.

Many thanks to Andy Monk and Bob Smith for organising and instructing, and to Rob Turner and Julian Saakwa-Mante for tugging. And as always to the Upward Bound Trust for their hospitality - and tea bus.

We will be back at Haddenham on Friday 20th May.

Callum thermalling over Thame at 0845 - note the vario
Airbraking down at 0930
318 having airbraked down from 4000ft to allow someone else to try for Silver height
KLA training flight
'Don't bother to bring the chairs, we don't need them.'
No buggies

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