Monday, 14 October 2019

Booker expedition to Aboyne - good things come to those who wait

Most people arrived on Saturday after a remarkably easy drive - no pouring rain, no hold ups, beautiful scenery and cloudscapes - so on Sunday there was plenty of energy for rigging the Duo and the K21 for check flights.

Today was warm and sunny with nil wind, so the early flights were difficult to sustain - although Richard and Jacek had a memorable encounter soaring with a golden eagle. Later on it was possible with care to find a mix of thermal and wave with the max height being around 6,000ft. Everyone flew, so we are now ready for anything!

Early morning mist

Loch Muick from not very high AGL

Mount Keen

Dee Valley

Looking good in the Aberdeen airway

The picture above shows the setting for Birkellunn log cabin, our accommodation for week 2. It's in the centre of the pic and the Cambus O May bridge on the river Dee points at it!

Lochs and Morvern viewed from the south.

Bit of a flat sky, but it looked nice

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