Sunday, 27 October 2019

The end of the Aboyne expedition 2019

As is so often the case, the Aboyne weather saved the best till last, and those who stayed on for Saturday experienced some excellent flying - nice climbs, not too windy, not too cloudy, lots of kms flown.  Here is a sample of the day...

The back of Lochnagar - a bit like the far side of the Moon

Nuff said

The usual view of Lochnagar

Morvern with a sprinkling of snow

Spot the two RAF airfields
It was a week for a lot of 'firsts', in particular for our two pre-solo pilots Andy and Dan, including flying the Duo, wave, height, distance, tarmac runways - and also Mark who soloed in 316 and then converted to the Pegasus, and Maddi who towed it all the way back to Booker. Last words from Dave Byass:

It was a fantastic week, partly due to the wx and also due to everyone mucking in and getting on with it. So: thanks for all the help on the ground, thanks for not flying in airspace, and thanks for not crashing anything! Special thanks to Andy and Dan for being so open to learning in what must have been an occasionally daunting environment. Specially special thanks to Richard, who did a huge amount of organising as well as the flying, which meant I only did fun stuff. Hope next year is as good...

And of course thanks to Deeside Gliding Club for hosting us yet again.

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