Friday, 18 October 2019

Extremes of weather

Yesterday we believed the forecast and got to the airfield early, so there was plenty of time to enjoy the frost, the mist in the valleys, the sunshine - and the total lack of wave. Well....there was a tiny bit, and Richard did eventually manage a couple of flights to around 6,000ft, but mostly it was just not quite strong enough for a climb, and very confusing.

Today there was no doubt. It rained. A lot. Alternative occupations varied. One party went to Loch Muick.

Very wet
Another couple of carloads went to Newburgh Seal Beach where there were lots of ........seals.....floating up the river on the incoming tide.

Wondering where the incoming tide will go next

Sea. Seals. Rain

The prize for adventure, though not for scenic views, goes to Jacek and Howard, who climbed up Lochnagar in cloud.

The route

Nice view

The summit

There is wave in the forecast tomorrow, but also rain, so we will have to wait and see.

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