Friday, 22 February 2008

Blustery Thursday

Not the best of days you might think for a spot of soaring, but with a little wave in the morning and "exciting" thermals by lunchtime, everybody had some fun. A large enough hole around 11.00 allowed Will on his first flight to see how pretty the sky can be above the low scudding muck - difficult to begin to learn when there's little or no horizon, but the air was as smooth as silk above 2000'. Quite different below 2000' with turbulence to make you glad you really tightened those straps. John and Mike had a little soaring in the rough thermals around lunchtime with 2's and 4's and 6's, up and down. A good day for Tanya as well who decided to sweep away those winter season cobwebs in preparation for a trip to more exotic climes. Well worth getting back into the swing of things with a check flight after the winter layoff!

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