Saturday, 16 February 2008

Booker Moonshot

Well what did you think I meant..... although placing someone into orbit atop a Saturn 5 does seem rather appealing at the moment. Nominations on a postcard please. Dave S. is pictured here soaring Booker Pegase 318 on another fantastic February day. Right from the start the conditions proved exceptional for this time of year, with John H and yours truly soaring the K21 in 2-4kt thermals at 10.30am. Not to be outdone Gerry soared the Junior from 11.00am for and hour and a quarter, and Roger had an enjoyable 40 minutes in the K18, whilst Bob S and I tried a few fields for size in the Falke.

John B is really getting back into the swing again with 50 minutes in the K13, great effort John after your lay-off. Andy B and Graham did some field landing and selection training in the Falke - good time to get prepared for the season ahead.

318 was well used today with Henry collecting all the ballast weight he could find and re-acquainting himself with the Peg. More porridge in the morning Henry.
And finally, Louis' new dog proved to be a hit at the launchpoint, if not a little camera shy. John H is pictured modelling the spring collection thermal parachute. Hmmm, Booker logo'd parachutes, now there's a thought.

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