Saturday 9 February 2008

Is there a Doctor in the house?

It's not all about flying, you know. There's loads of fun to be had without ever leaving the ground. Just be careful with your fettling. Dave B, Booker's very own Health and Safety Rep can tell you all about how to hold a stanley knife, or not. Now, now Dave don't be like that.

Luckily Doctor Simon was at hand to administer the medical know-how. Ouch.

At this time of year we can be thankful for another beautiful day with clear blue skies and warm sunshine. I even took my coat off. Not so much in the lift department however, although Ed used what there was to float aloft in the Junior for a half hour. Spot the tug.

But even when there's no lift to be had you can still have fun. Whilst Graham and Robin demonstrated half cubans in the K21, Ashwin practiced formation flaring,

and Jim swotted for his NPPL.
Never a dull moment at Booker.

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