Sunday 4 May 2008

Bank Holiday Weather

Well I suppose we could have predicted the weather given its a Bank Holiday Weekend. At least it didn't rain (too much). Saturday dawned full of promise, the grid formed, the wind swung strongly to the South and we launched, albeit a little sideways on 06. That's about it really, some strong but patchy and largely unmarked lift with a strong Southerly wind aloft. Keeps you on your tows, which we did plenty of! Sorry.

And speaking of tows, Rocky did his fair share.

As did Gerry. And Mark and James the Pump and James the Third and Andy and Ed and Bob. Thanks guys.

Sunday dawned more like Milk of Magnesia, so no grid, but at least we flew and it sounds like we faired better than our western neighbours, definitely and East/West split in the weather. Undeterred Phil C made the most of the conditions and completed his BI prep, good luck next weekend Phil!
I like it when a trial lesson or intro course brings their supporters. Gets to be quite a day out with a carnival sort of atmosphere. Perhaps the tea bar should market picnics..... Which brings me to an apology. Sorry we're completely out of Mars Bars, Yorkies, Crunchies due to an excess of flying and not being able to do a cash and carry run.

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