Friday, 9 May 2008

Easterly, again.

Never the best of wind directions, but soarable nevertheless. Friday started damp and misty with some sharp showers moistening the grass. Just enough to raise the humidity when the sun finally made an appearance late morning. The grass was only cut last week but is growing fast along with the wild flowers.

Weak blue thermals were the order of the day, but late afternoon saw some interesting clouds building from the East, with the hint of thunder in the distance. A good training day with Mike G working towards his bronze, Toufan getting the hang of circuits without an engine, Greg getting to grips with one of those awkward bad days which we all have from time to time and Roy G getting current again. Symeon took over the evening group at five with the prospect of a busy evening ahead if people could get to the airfield with the M40 shut.

And finally who can resist a Spitfire piccie, not me, and no apologies. Just testing my new camera you know.

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