Sunday 11 May 2008

Watch this space!

Today, whilst it may stay blue and have quite a high trigger temperature of 24C, several tasks have been set:

A - Booker Bridge - Calvert Junction - Longleat - Thame Airfield - Burbage - Booker SW1 (403km)
B - Booker Bridge - Calvert Junction - Devizes - Thame Church - Membury - Booker SW1 (313km)
C - Booker Bridge - Brill - Membury - Thame Airfield - Ilsley - Booker SW1 (201km)

So, let's see if we reach the trigger teperature soon enough!

Post launch update: Picture above shows the grid beginning to build up around lunchtime. Eventually launched as the first Cu began to pop at around 13:00.

The Pundits declared Task B and did a full held start with the gate opening at 13:30. Meanwhile 732 had set off on the C task a little earlier (a bad decision as the air didn't become very thermic around the Oxfordshire plain until somewhat later). Quite annoying to listen to others moaning of airspace limits of only FL65 when you're scrabbling at 700'!

Not sure how the pundits went on with the B task but at least one (Z12) landed out near Oxford. I think Jim is trying to get his annual set of landouts over with as early as possible in the year!

Pity that the BGA Ladder is still down currently as it'll be interesting to hear what conditions were like elsewhere. Meanwhile I hope Mike-R re-posts his blog entry with people's soaring hats as it sounds really good!

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Gary N said...

Comment from Jon Gatfield:
"Well we had the weather but the results don't reflect it...

7 of us (Z3, 2A, LL, TC, KV, T6, 629) did a regatta start at 1330 on a 313km - BOB/CAL/DEV/THC/MEM. Booming at Booker, blue and patchy at CAL, long glides between inconsistent climbs. But...hey, who's complaining? 7500 amsl cloudbase, 5-6 kt climbs in places, we got back and it felt like summer at last.


Meanwhile, I think I've figured out who was doing a bit of a display not far from Thame today in an aircraft with white smoke....which was displaying PRECISELY where a lovely small wispy Cu was forming!