Saturday 10 May 2008

Phew wot a scorcher!

Doesn't take much much for Booker to strip off to shorts and don silly hats. Mind you some would say my beautifully tassled bobble hat which has seen many a Winter is just as silly. Judge for yourself.

First up is Gary modelling the intellectual standard issue as he waits patiently for any tug, not just a Pawnee.

Well done Ann. Nice adjustable brim in a style vaguely reminiscant of the Charleston era.

Christian and his rather quaint pith helmet style.

Steve modelling the BGA "Gliding" variety with a slightly Popeye theme. Gerry also seen sporting a non regulation cap.

Dave C modelling the latest in Foreign Legion headwear and Rodney with a more nautical theme.
And finally John wondering where he left his. Nice shirt though.

No you didn't really think I'd post one of yours truly in bobble hat did you?

1 comment:

Dave C said...

Enough of the fashion show Gary.

What was it really like once you got in the air?

And what did the pundits all do with the day?

RASP is looking better for tomorrow.