Tuesday, 23 October 2018


Yesterday the BBC forecast a bit of a breeze, which appears to be their word for hardly being able to stand up. The Met Office spot wind forecast had something like 95kts at 18,000ft. Anyway, there was wave, so there was flying. Howard gets the prize for endurance, spending 6.5 hours in the Pegase, and finally missing out on a Diamond height by 12 metres. David 314 climbed to 14,000ft, Ashley 319, Bob T4, Bob V66 and the KSM team John and Nick got up to around 18,000ft, Richard and Jacek in 315 made it to 20,000ft.

Lenticular viewed from KSM

315 topping out

Ashley's view of the sea

By the time the gliders were put to bed the wind had really picked up to quite a moderate breeze and a large crew was required to put the covers on KSM.

Hanging on tight
It was a lot more peaceful at ground level on the shores of Loch Kinord, normally viewed from above.

Nice wave bars
Today the breeze was even more moderate, and after a few flights - 315 was one of them, up to 18,000ft again and over to Braemar - flying was suspended for the day, 30kt gusts were making the circuit too exciting. After lunch in the Black Faced Sheep a group went to Ballater and climbed Craigendarroch, from which there are excellent views over the town and mountains.

Height gain 717ft

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