Friday, 19 October 2018

Rainbow Friday

Yesterday was a rest day - nil wind and a bit overcast so there was walking and tea shops and model flying. Today it paid to get up and get going into the magnificent sunrise. Jan and Dave got the covers off the Duo, and Dave launched with Howard. Maddi and Richard flew the K21 and by 8.30 both gliders were storming up to FL100 in 15kts of lift. The later launches didn't get quite such fast climbs but there was plenty of fun to be had up to 12,000ft or so before an occlusion arrived and it looked as though we would get rained out of the sky so the entire fleet landed for a cup of tea. After lunch the second wave launched for another go as the wave re-established. Howard's flight with Dave, over the hills and far away, was his first wave flight, he later flew the Peg and did it on his own. Another convert to wave soaring at Aboyne.

Start of another gliding day
30 mins later Jan and Dave were at FL100 
Passing Tomintoul

Eye to eye with an approaching occlusion
Circular rainbow

Airfield rainbow

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