Saturday, 20 October 2018

It's choppy on tow and windy in the circuit

Many of the week 1 participants have now made their way home as we move in to week 2 of what is proving to be a great expedition. Another great day of wave soaring at Aboyne, a repeat of yesterday with a weak front passing during the day to make life interesting. At one point it got quite windy on the ground. As we sat in the wave it was a little thought provoking to hear discussions on the radio about putting aircraft in the hangar to avoid them blowing away. Nevertheless, the wind was straight down the runway and not a problem.  Lots of really good fun flights.
Dave B and Jan (316) went for a climb to 14,000 at Corgarff Castle and then pushed further west. Howard J (318) also went out over the cloud to Corgarff and almost accidentally got a Gold Ht in the process, luckily he missed by a couple of metres and avoided the paperwork.  John H and Paul F had an adventurous flight taking the Duo (KSM) on a tour to Feshie and Easterton getting to 16,500 ft in the process.  Richard C and Chris R (315) got high and went West.  Jane M (13,500Ft - that tow was a bit bracing), Dave H, Bob D, Bob S (18,000Ft) stayed closer to home but all got above 10,000 ft.

18,000 Ft over the Lochs looking South. Nice wave gap.
Thursday. Loch Muick (rt) Lochnagar (ctr) Ballater (under wing tip) East coast in the distance.

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