Monday 6 October 2008


.........started unimpressive, good for check flights for Barry, Leon and Rolf. Most people rigged in hope, and after lunch there was a sudden rush of enthusiasm. Booker took to the skies in an interesting southerly airflow with plenty of cloud. John 607 got to 13000ft, Steve JDV, William MH and Bob 279 to 9000ft or so, while Jane 118 was soon back on the ground. Symeon went to 5000ft three times in ECZ. Andy P and Chris R took 315 to great heights, giving Chris his first taste of wave, Mike C/Emily then went to 7500ft. Former Concorde Senior First Officer, Senior Training Capt 777 D. Byass and Rob Munro, Banker (retd) went to 8300ft in 315. Around 1700 we were thinking of calling it a day, but Barry/Dave B in 315 and Leon/Mike C in ECZ fancied another check ride. While they were in the air the sky recycled and they got to 7000ft in the late evening light and only came down because it was getting dark.

William MH at 7500ft

Toys away, the forecast for tomorrow is for teashops.

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