Wednesday 8 October 2008


......looked good first thing and Booker was rigged and ready to go before anyone else showed up. The wind was light and the lift unpredictable, but everyone flew, some more than once. The score is roughly as follows:
  • Emily 318 10,000ft
  • Leon and Mike C 315 10,500ft, Loch Muick and Balmoral
  • Nick and Dave B ECZ 10,000ft, Loch Muick
  • John 607 8200ft, Loch Muick
  • Rob RM 10,000ft
  • Bob 279 12,000ft
  • Symeon FUN 6500ft, first solo climb in wave
  • Steve JDV 6000ft
  • Jane 118 8,000ft
  • William MH 7,000ft
  • Rolf 318 6,000ft
  • Nick 318 a sleigh ride from 4,300ft
  • Barry JDV first solo flights here, and a ride in the Duo to end the day
  • Denis 370 went north somewhere and used his engine on the way back

Pictures to follow, the views were spectacular.

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