Friday, 3 October 2008

Thursday update

The day dawned clear and cold, a cloudless sky and ice on the wings as we rigged. Clouds were starting to form as Glyn 3D launched with Heggie, they found weak broken wave to around 4500ft. They were followed by Jane 118, Jeremy JDV, Bob D 208, Julian/Ed 315 and Don 318 who all after a while found that what they were actually flying in was thermals. But it was very enjoyable, the vis was excellent and the views superb. After lunch it looked as though the promised bad weather was arriving so we derigged most of the toys, leaving DR and Arnie still doing the rounds in ECZ. Then the wind picked up and Ed and Don had a short excursion in 315 and found wave to 4500ft in interesting conditions.

Our master chef Jim P had headed south but he was ably replaced by Jeremy, assisted by Don, who produced a magnificent feast to end another excellent day.

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