Friday 17 October 2008

Tues, Weds and Thurs Update

Tuesday was mostly overcast and lacked any form of wind but was adequate for a couple of circuits for Richard C before we all went on various walks.

Wednesday a mixed day for many:

Mike C and Charlie Jordon (DGC), 315, 14,200ft and managed 140km
Denis C, 370, 16,000ft
Dave B and Richard C, ECZ, managed to get 5000ft in thermals
John H, 607,Steve W and Barry M practised some circuits....
370 above Loch Davan
Sunset from 315 at 11,000ft over Loch Muick


Denis, 370, 563Km at 114kph
Dave B and Richard C, 315, managed to get to 16,000ft and went to Feshiebridge and Rinnes (140km)
Mike C, 315, 12,500ft, Braemar
Steve W, JDV, 8,000ft,
John H, 607, 15,500ft, Loch morlich - Loch Muick
Running the wave towards Braemar at around 10,000ft

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