Sunday 5 October 2008

Sunday report

The start of Week 2 and lots more Booker people have arrived.
A stiff northerly today, making for some interest on take off and landing. Various people launched and explored, but mainly found themselves experimenting with ridge lift: Andy P and Chris R in 315, then Mike C and Symeon, DR and Leon in ECZ, then DR and Barry, Glyn and Heggie in 3D, Steve in JDV, Bob in 279, William in MH and Jane in 118. John H in 607 cracked it, managing 2.5 hours and reaching the dizzy height of 5000ft.

27 launch point

The view from 2500ft over the lochs

The wind dropped towards evening, producing ideal model flying conditions. So far Glyn and Bob S have crashed their models, John H and Mike C are still doing arms length aeros.

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