Friday, 27 March 2009

Booker / Dunstable Joint expedition to Cerdanya

Week 1 - Thursday am
Beatiful sunshine every day so far but in the mountainous terrain each day presents different flying conditions, each with their unique opportunities.
Chris, Ed, Barry, Jeremy and Adrian comprised the Booker component and Richard Clark arrived to join us on Tuesday.
After a slow start to the week due to Andy Roch (Dunstable CFI) being the only instructor (we hope Glen is recovering well and send our best wishes). We have all had site checks and dual mountain souring experience.
The presence of Ed has been invaluable. Me has been flying the Duo and sharing Andy's workload.
We have had all forms of lift so far: valley thermals, rough rotor thermals, ridge lift and even 13 knot wave lift, taking us to exceptional heights.
Chris and Ed have flown 987 and Barry and Jeremy JDV.
We are developing our mountain flying skills with close flying to the hillsides, in narrow valleys and also ridges. Massive lift and sink (10+ up and down) demand strong awareness of the correct speed to fly and your route to retreat. The lack of visual reference to a 'horizontal' horizon within the mountainous terrain all make challenging and exhilerating flying.
Looking forward to another sunny wavey day in paradise.
See you next year

Dictated by Jeremy

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