Monday, 2 March 2009

Weekend update

We were all too busy over the weekend to report the news. Saturday began with Denis Campbell's thought-provoking talk on the different ways of assessing situations and making decisions. The rest of the day was very busy with over 50 flights under an unpromising sky which proved surprisingly soarable, Dave Bundock kept a Pegasus in the sky for nearly 2 hours. There were a number of acvhievements, including Henry Ross converting to the Discus and Steve Williams becoming a full cat instructor.

In the evening the AGM was very well attended, and 4 new committee members were elected, John Herman, Steve Williams, Emily Todd and Adrian Hegner. Our new chairman is Geoff Tabbner, replacing Roland Wales who is standing down to enjoy a well-earned break. After the meeting we retired to the Live and Let Live for a meal and more discussion.

Sunday started dull but the skies cleared and became very soarable for a time, although the northerly crosswind combined with runway 35 being closed meant that less experienced pilots were unable to fly solo. We welcomed new course member Nick, who came for a trial lesson on Saturday and was so impressed by our well-organised operation and the excitement of flying that he immediately signed up for a course and came along to continue his training.

Now March is here and the sun is warmer we are looking forward to more good soaring

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