Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Tuesday in Shobdon

Headline news: (1) Glyn G1 didn't land out and (2) Roland got into the wave.

After a day of gales and kite flying, Tuesday was a lot calmer. Our friends from Scotland (Roy and Pete) set off with Phil King for Camarthen Bay, exploring wave quite different from the big systems of Aboyne. The rest of us were more modest in our aspirations. Glyn G1 and John 607 went to Long Mynd and nearly to Talgarth. Roland and John B didn't bother with being towed into the wave, they thermalled from 1200ft and made it to 6000ft, after which John flew the Junior. Andrew and Eric had a go in ECZ, as did Mike and Graham. Jane 118 and Lee LC launched late, by which time the clouds were disappearing, at least that's their excuse for not being able to work out what was going on.

Last night was very wild, and today it is blowing hard and gusty, so we will wait to see if it calms down enough to rig.

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