Wednesday 4 March 2009

Wednesday 4th March

The barometer showed it should be stormy but it looked so tempting outside I took a peek at RASP and decided I could risk a flight starting around 12.00 and finishing by 14.00.

With such a low pressure the clouds should have grown and thrown.

I reckoned I'd have time to get in a Buckinham Church/Chievely and back before the deluge.

How wrong can one be. The day just kept going.

It was a steady trip making sure I didn't get anywhere near all those waterlogged fields. But most enjoyable all the same. I even managed to get round the TP's this time.

Thanks to Peter Wyld for his loan of a GPS mouse which mean't my IPAQ could at last tell me how much height I needed/or had in hand. The trace is on the ladder.

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