Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Another good day for wave

Another good wave day. It was effectively a blue day in the local area, although we had a blanket of cloud at about 25,000 ft.  There were some clouds marking wave bars North of Strathdon (25k away). The local wave weakened for a while mid morning, but then re-energised with some good climbs. By late afternoon there was a steady 8 knots to 10,000 ft and more in the lee of Morvern.  Richard took 315 around the periphery of the Cairngorms, a 210k XC with William P and then again in the afternoon with Howard. Bob D (V66) flew to Glenfiddich to sniff the air, then to a few other local hotspots.  Jacek got an easy gold ht with a climb to 19,000 ft.  Others bimbled around the local area with climbs up to 20,000 Ft.  Oh yes, and Jane (118) got to FL 210 for an easy Diamond badge at her first attempt.

Wow, sunset pic from Jacek.
A blue day with no sun! Loch Muich and the Tay Estuary (Dundee) in the distance.

Spot the airfield.

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