Wednesday 17 October 2018

What day is it? Ah yes, Wednesday

So much flying! We had a fantastic lot of weather today, a nice westerly with no bumpy bits, lift all down the Dee Valley to Braemar and beyond. Here's the tally:

Luke (319) - second solo at Aboyne, 14,000ft
Max (318) - second solo at Aboyne, 10,000ft
David (314) - first solo at Aboyne, 10,000ft, could have gone higher but forgot to turn the oxygen on!
Bob (V66) - 11,000ft
Barry (LTY) - 7,500ft
Bob (T4) - 16,000ft, Feshie South, for his first 50k in wave!
Jane (118) - Glenshee car park, Linn of Dee, 11,000ft

And in the two seaters:
Simon in 315 with Dave went to Spittal of Glenshee, climbed to 12,000ft
Phil in 316 took Richard to Spittal of Glenshee - very bold in a K21!
John and Nick in KSM were having a very nice time up the Dee Valley when the local constabulary called at the club to ask who was 'circling over Balmoral'. What they were doing was making use of a wave bar at around 8,000ft but a new lot of royal protection officers had got a bit jumpy - must have very good binoculars! The local police were very apologetic at having been instructed to come and make enquiries.

Photo gallery from the day:
Beinn a'Buird - no, we don't know where it is either

Dubh Loch and Loch Muick

Over Glenshee - in a K21


Somewhere else

Gastronomy notes - apparently they are eating well at Birkellun. Here in Wisdomhowe we are taking a different approach.


jimboffin said...

Stop it. STOP IT. I hate you all.

Nickvon said...

I was at 32,000 feet today, in a 737, does that count? If not I’m with Jim with the hating.