Monday, 20 October 2014

Aboyne finale

The weather gods finally got their act together on Saturday and blew a fine southerly, which started off quite rough but eventually settled down into an excellent wave system. Southerly wave produces added interest because the rotor sets up over the airfield, making circuits a bit character-forming, but our remaining pilots - Richard, William and Roland - were quite capable of dealing with this and spent a fantastic afternoon up at 18,000ft enjoying the cloudscapes and sunshine.

Aboyne and the Dee Valley

Getting high
After this excitement it was time to hitch up and head south after yet another successful Aboyne expedition.

You can take the boy out of Essex.......
 Many thanks to Richard Crockett for organising the trip and instructing throughout, also to Dave Byass and Graham Saw who did their fair share of instructing, and to the members who helped by towing club gliders up and back.  Next stop Talgarth.

One final airfield sunrise

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